Adirondack Doodles​

Since 2009

Back in a day when it all began…

The Fall of 2009

We started our Doodle adventure by dog-sitting our friends’ chocolate Labrador retriever, Dolly, and then we ended up adopting her-  and our chocolate Poodle, Chaco, made her a doodle mama. 

Then we became “The Adirondack Doodle People” as breeders near and far came to introduce their girls to Chaco, and then over the years our other Poodles: Prince, Pierre, Calvin, Hamilton, and now Charlie, Vegas and Alfie.  

When people say “Why Doodles?” we explain to them how dog breeds always matched their purpose- and the purpose of a Doodle is to be a family PET! Kind of a new concept of the modern era… but people just want a friendly, fluffy, non-shedding buddy-about-the-house. That’s a Doodle! And we have a few kinds– mixing the sizes and looks of some favorite old breeds with the fluff and smarts of the Poodle.

Reserve your Adirondack Labradoodle today! 

We cross Medium and Miniature Poodles with Bernese, Goldendoodles, Cavaliers, and Aussiedoodles to produce a Doodle of a size and build to suit your lifestyle!

Basil was a family dog from the day we picked her up!
— Lynn W, Adirondack Doodle owner

Our puppies…

Friendly, healthy, and made for family living.  They have the Doodle hybrid health and the good looks to match

Certificate of Health

Our Vet checks each one for healthy skin, eyes, ears and joints.


All shots will be up to date


Puppies are microchipped for easy identification into the future

Our Ladies

Cory, Gemma, Tudders, Maggie

Our Studs

Vegas, Charlie, Alfie