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Adirondack Doodles

Family Pets… Homemade

The Adirondack Doodle story started on our family farm years ago, when we saw the demand for family dogs instead of working dogs. We bred a couple litters of Border Collies and we loved their smarts, athleticism and gentle personality- but they were bred for hard driving livestock work and were just too vigorous for most peoples lifestyle. We met our first Doodles around that time and just loved the curly, shed-free traits and the mellow personality.  And we could see that people really wanted home-raised family pets.  So we jumped in with our beautiful chocolate Lab, Dolly, and launched Adirondack Labradoodles.  Many years have gone by and we have bred, or helped colleagues breed, all sorts of “Doodles”, which we say to refer to all of the Poodle Hybrids. People started to ask for medium and mini sized dogs, as opposed to our standard Labradoodles and we and our friends branched out to fill that need.  Now we are Adirondack Doodles.

And we are helping market the puppies from our girls and a few of our friends and family that work with us and use our Poodle Dads. Now we have periodic litters of Bernedoodles, Goldendoodles, AussieDoodles, and Cavapoos of various sizes that we will offer here. Our commitment remains the same: We want to help you find a puppy that will fill your home with joy for years to come. A beautiful, smart, clean, healthy Doodle.  Please contact us and we can discuss the latest options available to you!